Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adoption Costs... Help us Defend the Cause of the Orphan!

Adoption Costs



"For this child I have prayed, and the LORD has given me my petition which I asked of Him.
 1 Samuel 1:27

Social Worker Application Fee $250

Passports $140 each-$280

Home Study Fee $2000

Reece's Rainbow Voice of Hope Fund $250

Reece's Rainbow Application Fee $25

USCIS Fees $890

Marriage Certificates $35

FBI Clearance $80

Various Postage $200

Apostille Fees $650

Travel to Europe $7850

Adoption Fees $9000

Travel in Country $500

Child's Medical Appt for Visa $220

Child's Visa Application $230

Child's Passport and Expedition Fees $500

2nd child fees $5,000 (Sawyer!)

Living in Europe for 5 weeks $3500

Travel Items $250

Emergency Fund $1000

Estimate to bring home Beatrice and Sawyer-$32,710

Amount in Beatrice's Grant-$7883.47

Amount in Sawyer's Grant-$201.50

Current amount raised in our Family Sponsorship Page (FSP)-$1042.75

Amount still needed to bring our babies home-$23,582.28

I will update once a week as we do fundraisers!

Check out some of our current fundraisers here!


Defend the cause of the weak and the fatherless; Maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Deliver the weak and needy from the hand of the wicked. 
Psalm 82:3-4


  1. I have been praying for your princess since I first saw her listed on RR.

    Would love to help your family raise funds for your adoption since I know that EVERY dollar counts!

    I have an etsy store and 50% of the sale prices go to families adopting through RR! All someone has to do is enter your families name/blog/sponsorship page or child information on the message at check out and I will be donating the money to each family each month! This way you don't have to deal with anything!

    Spread the message to people!

    My blog is:

    My store is at:

    You can also see a recent blog post about the first few weeks of my etsy stores' success!


    Susan Sass

  2. Thank you so much Susan! We have been advertising it on our page! I praise God for the kindness of those who care!