Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Progress, Fundraising, and Surprises

Praise the Lord! Our Home Study is complete!! We are approved and almost ready to go get two children to call them our own! Our Dossier is all but done! Praise! All we need is our USCIS approval! Praise! We should be traveling in December! FEAR! But still Praise! As the time inches closer and closer fear is standing there staring me in the face trying to grip me without mercy, but the Lord is merciful and He is my refuge and strength! He calms me when it looks too scary.

 We have been putting our all into fundraising lately. I won't lie; it isn't my cup of tea. Again,  the Lord is good and His plan is perfect. We aren't as successful as some but little by little our grant has grown. We have been blessed beyond measure by the kindness of people I have never met but now call friend. These servants of the Lord have answered the call to care for orphans and have been blessing our family with their efforts.

You can see some of the wonderful things they are doing here....

Sarah has an amazing fundraiser going on over at her blog that lists all of the other amazing fundraisers! Take a peak...

Just us Holts

We have a Facebook Auction with some amazing items going on until October 30th!

Bringing home the Newest Tannehills Facebook Auction 

We have a really neat t-shirt fundraiser going on too! We have already raised nearly $600 with this one! We have until October 30th! Please consider a t-shirt for Christmas gifts or just to have one!
You can buy one here


A friend from church offered us a spot at the Women's Ministry's Ladies Expo for a fundraising table this Saturday! We have a fun give away started and I will be baking some super yummy treats all week to turn my table into a mini bake sale! Prayer for successful fundraising is so super appreciated! We are called to adopt these children, we know the Lord will provide.  Fear likes to tell me other wise but we know He is faithful and will provide our every need. Just today I had this amazing realization! When we committed to our two children we put a $2000 promise trust down. It was soon forgotten with the mess of paper work that flooded our home right after. We get that back!!! Do you know what that means! That means we are $2000 closer to our goal than before! That is HUGE! HUGE!


Thank you Lord for Surprises today!

Please keep praying for us! We are waiting on this one last step! In the mean time we are setting up the kids rooms accordingly! Bunk beds are going in! Gussy moved out of his crib yesterday and moved into his new big boy bed. It was a hard day  for us because Gussy's big boy bed is different then the ones you buy at Walmart or the like. Gussy got a Sleep Safe Bed. It is an amazing bed that has a spot for his IV poll and all the wiring and tubing along with cranks for positioning. We are very grateful to have it. Still, it is always hard in our family when a new piece of equipment comes in. I have so much more to write on this one but I'll do that over in the family blog. So I leave you today thankful for the blessing of the Lord's servants and a BRAND NEW breakdown of our need, still smaller than the last! Praise You Father for You alone are good!

Estimate to bring home Beatrice and Sawyer-$32,710

Amount in Beatrice's Grant-$7883.47

Amount in Sawyer's Grant-$201.50

Current amount raised in our Family Sponsorship Page (FSP)-$2256.70

Amount already paid- $5'045

Amount raised in person-$224 as of September 12th

T-shirt Fundraiser- $600- to date

Yard Sale- $740

Auction and others still in progress-??? 

Money forgotten!- $2000!! (PRAISE YOU LORD!) 

Pampered Chef Party- $55

Current Need: $13'704,33 

This is HUGE!! Last time we still needed $17'629 and before that $23,582!! $13'704 is a lot of money. A LOT! BUT, and this is a big but, It's $10'000 less we needed!! That is a HUGE PRAISE GOD MOMENT!! 

His mercies are endless. 

Living in His Mercy,

Waiting Mama