Thursday, September 12, 2013

He Encourages Me When Tasks Look Too Big

And do not fear what they fear, nor be in dread. But the Lord of hosts, him you shall honor as holy. Let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.  And he will become a sanctuary

Isaiah 8:12b-14a

For if the Lord be for us who then can be  against us? I try not to fear. I know the Lord has plans for us. I know He has called us to adopt these precious babes. I know He is faithful. What else do I need?  

I have been feeling helpless lately. With little luck fundrasing and such a huge number staring us in the face it's easy to become discouraged. But do you know what? My God is so awesome and faithful! Right when I started talking about maybe looking for a no interest adoption loan he opens the flood gates. I got several messages all at once offering to help! And help they have! 

The first, "Save the Starfish Boutique", sells beautiful jewelry and 100% of the proceeds benefit our adoption!! and when we are done adopting she will pick a new family to support. It is a beautiful ministry and the jewelry is lovely! 
The first day open she brought a large jump to our Family Sponsorship Page! 

 The next,  Ginger on a Mission . She gives 50% of the sale price to adopting families! If you put "Tannehills/" in the comments section at checkout! She makes lovely sandwich bags, credit card cases, and other hand made items. They are SUPER cute! I personally bought them for my daughters and nieces for Christmas to support another adopting family. 

Our sweet hearted Niece and Nephew earned $53.93 in one day selling homemade necklaces to bring home their new cousins! My heart hath done melted y'all! Melted! 
 We were also able to have a Pampered Chef Party that helps so much! A sweet consultant offered her commision for our party. What a blessing!!

I have been crunching numbers to figure out exactly what we need now to get our babes home. I am crossing off everything we have already paid and adding in what has been donated.

Here is my latest assessment of the situation! 

Social Worker Application Fee $250-Paid

Passports $140 each-$280-Paid

Home Study Fee $2000-Paid

Reece's Rainbow Voice of Hope Fund $250-Paid

Reece's Rainbow Application Fee $25-Paid

USCIS Fees $890-Paid

Marriage Certificates $35-Paid

FBI Clearance $80-Paid

Various Postage about $200 already paid-Still needing about $30-$200 ( all depends on if I there is a family that can hand carry documents for us or we have to send them to Eastern Europe.)

Apostille Fees $650-Still need approximately $115

Travel to Europe $7850- NEED!

Adoption Fees $9000-$8500 NEEDED!

Travel in Country $500- NEED!

Child's Medical Appt for Visa $220-NEED!

Child's Visa Application $230-NEED!

Child's Passport and Expedition Fees $500-NEED!

2nd child fees $5,000 (Sawyer!)-NEED!

Living in Europe for 5 weeks $3500- NEED!

Travel Items $250-NEED!

Emergency Fund $1000-NEED!

Estimate to bring home Beatrice and Sawyer-$32,710

Amount in Beatrice's Grant-$7883.47

Amount in Sawyer's Grant-$201.50

Cu1rrent amount raised in our Family Sponsorship Page (FSP)-$1726.49

Amount already paid- $5'045

Amount raised in person-$224

Amount still needed to bring our babies home-$17,629.54

This still looks huge but you know what? It use to read $23,582.28 still needed! He is faithful!!! 
 We have a Yard sale planned this weekend, an online auction starting shortly after, and others who are still helping us fundraise! Please continue to pray for us as we travel this road the Lord has set before us!!

Thank you all! As always, prayer for smooth and quick paperwork is appreciated!

In his Mercy,
Mama Melissa