Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We Have an Announcement

Today is a special day for us. 

Today we made everything super official. 

We took the big step. 


Bought her first outfits!



Who is *her*?

The Lord has said go, we are going.
Where are we going?

For her.

Who is she?

Number 6.
Yes, you read right. Number 6. We will no longer be a 5 child home.
6 will be our new number.
I like 6.
Of course, I like 12 too.
 >>feel free to insert my cheesy grin here<<

Oh how this makes me long to hold her. To tell her that I'm her Mama. I can see her walking around with the rest of the crew playing in these dresses. They aren't just dresses, they're the first item in this home that is all for *her*. They will be tucked neatly into *her* drawer. Waiting just for *her*.

She is my baby. If the unthinkable happens, I will be crushed as if loosing my baby. Hook, line, and sinker; I am hooked. Her face brings me the same joy I felt when I looked into the face of each of my children for the first time. I can honestly tell you that I did not know if I would be attached to a child we were adopting the same as when I was pregnant or if I would grow to love them in that same way. I wondered. I prayed. I have looked at hundreds of photolistings. I'm sure the majority of international adopters do. My heart melted for many. I cried for some. I love them all. My heart has a place that is long and wide for the orphans of this world.

But when I saw *her*. Oh, when I saw her. There are no words. My stomach felt nervous. My heart felt joyful. I *had* to know more about her. Where is she? 

We were looking for a little *boy* with Down Syndrome.

*She* doesn't have Down Syndrome but a different special need. 

She's in Eastern Europe! Oh no, That would be way to hard! The country requires longer travel.

No. She couldn't be the one He has for us. 


God is she the one you would have us bring home? 


She was already being pursued by another couple. 

I cried.

How could I feel so attached. How silly I'm being.  Get a grip Melissa, she isn't *your* child. You should be happy that she will be adopted soon.

Let's pursue a different country. The worker at the agency for that country says we're a perfect match and it would be easy travel. 

Ok Lord. You have a babe for us elsewhere.

Application done and pre-approval ready.


I have an email. 

The other family can't commit to her, do we want her?


We're coming number six, we're coming.



  1. I hope you don't mind me stalking your blog...I've been anxiously watching Reece's Rainbow waiting to see who it was that was adopting this sweet girl because I so badly want to follow her story! This post on my blog may be interesting to you. Many blessings as you make this beautiful child part of your family!!!!! http://livingourlove.blogspot.com/2013/06/their-angels-behold-face-of-god.html

  2. This little girl has a direct line to my heart. Before her I had never even thought of special needs adoption. I am SO happy that she's going to have a family soon. Can't wait to see how your adoption journey is going. Hopefully soon my family will start our own.

  3. I'm so happy to read both of your comments! Rachel, I remember reading your blog post when we were still in the "can't tell" stage. What a blessing to see how God is using our sweet girl to affect lives! I will be praying for both of your families as you wait for God's beautiful and perfect timing to say YES to the precious child He has for you!